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they were suppose to do. despite the mass of fire ball, damage was under $5,000. >>> president obama's second inauguration is two weeks away as the ceremony will be more low key than the first one. four years ago nearly 2 million people crowded on to the national mall to watch the nation's first african american president take the oath of office. and this time officials expect the crowd to be a third of that. a part of the reason is that the president's second inaugural is not the historic event that the second one was. >>> president obama is facingresistance for the potential cabinet nominee. he's expected to nominate chuck hagel as secretary of defense. they explain why some of the fellow republicans oppose him. >> chuck hagel has two terms under his belt as the republican from nebraska. he is also a decorated vietnam war with two purple hearts. those qualifications are among the reasons that president obama is considering them to be the next secretary. and today the republican called hagel an in your face pit and one that he strongly opposes. >> and chuck hagel would be the most a
touched down in korea hours ago. last week the obama administration discourage this trip which the pair call a private humanitarian mission. >>> so, how much dough will hostess make on its bread brands? the "wall street journal" is reporting flower's food and another one are in talks to buy wonderer bread and nature's pride for an estimated $350 million. a lot of dough. >>> starting this month washington is the first state to charge electric vehicle owners $100 a year to pay for wear and tear on state roads a fee that's collected on gas tax. >>> from careercast enlisted military personnel have the most stressful jobs in the country. >>> so where do you want to spend your stress free days in retirement? for the fifth year in a row, ecuador was the top foreign retirement destination for folks from u.s. and canada due to its affordability, weather and welcoming cu welcoming culture. >>> this year tokyo restaurant owner she would out $1.7 million for one bluefin tuna. i wonder if he ate it. nfl playoff picture is set for next week. which teams advanced and why the pga tour opener can't get
control because of the rough terrain. but they say they should gain the upper ground this week. >> president obama and the first family are back in washington tonight. after wrapping up their holiday vacation in hawaii. air force one touched down at joint base andrews in maryland earlier this morning. the president interrupted his vacation by flying back to washington to settle the fiscal cliff negotiations. now. he's back to face new battles over spending cuts and raising the country's debt ceiling. elizabeth corridan has more on that. >> "i believe we need to raise the debt ceiling, but if we don't raise it without a plan to get out of debt, all of us should be fired." if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at peoplebehavingbadly@kron4.co m >> reporter: strong words for a new congress, the new years deadline for the so-called "fiscal cliff" has come and gone. now lawmakers start a new session under pressure to avert another financial crisis - this time over raising the debt ceiling. if an agreement isn't reached by late february or early march, the united
of weeks both obama and hagel will likely face a lot of questions on where hagel stands on many key issues as the country transitions into the future. >> president obama has signed a financial aid package. the congressional package for more funds will face tough scrutiny as it looks for more spending and debt. the bay area saw it's own days of damage after some brutal storms. this is video from our kron archive from more than 30 years ago. flooding damage nearly wiped out highway 9 in the santa cruz moutains and destroyed homes. officials worked to help minimize the flooding damage over the years but as you can see in video from 19-95. more floods! quite a flash back! but none of that in our future right brian? >> clouds will increase after midnight. we will get clouds with mostly cloudy to start for tomorrow. clouds will clear as market towards the afternoon. mostly sunny. even the low 60s. that is what the futurecast is showing. a cold morning. we will still see 30's indicated by the pink. as we go for the late morning and afternoon, 50s. the 60s even in the north bay. some in the south
obama in washington this week. according to the analysts the biggest topic of discussion will likely be the u.s. force that remains inside afghanistan after the military starts its drawdown next year. the afghan president has insistd that all remaining american soldiers should follow afghan law while president obama has called that a deal breaker and for are any potential security agreement. robert young peloton is with us. he has just come back from afghanistan. he is an author and filmmaker. he was spending weeks with u.s. special forces hunting taliban militants. good afternoon. >> hi, how are you doing? >> shepard: he blames us for everything. why in the world would the president talk to him? >> you have to watch his game. he is looking forward to releasing all of the 3,000 or so prisoners while u.s. forces are busy putting them in jail. he knows he will not get the north so he decided to bring the taliban back into the government. these things won't be discussed too openly as he begs president obama to keep troops there and i think he will have to relent on the u.s. troops being
could last all week. >> president obama has signed a super storm sandy aid package into law. the bill includes more than $9 billion to help the government tapes led insurance claims. it was the first legislative action of the new congress after the previous session show a vote last week on a much larger assistance plan for storm victims various lawmakers away and no more than $50 billion in additional sandy a later this month. that portion will likely face a much tougher review. some new york students with a ride to school this morning may not have won by wednesday. union leaders say in your city bus driver may go on strike. that will mean more than 150,000 public school students will have to find another way to school. drivers are disputing the contract a mean some lost jobs. current contracts are set to expire at the end of june in the department has ari prepared for a walkout, by public bus fare cards for students. >> 5 bay area middle schools are making a great as they made state superintendent of public instruction time for lactose tolerance extends list of middle california's mi
with president obama and defense department officials later this week. the prime minister of afghanistan calls this trip one of karzai's most important visits and believes it will cast new light on the future relations with america. part of that future is what happens after 2014. the scheduled u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. the weekend the "wall street journal" says the white house is deciding between keeping 3,000, 6,000, or 9,000 troops affect withdrawal. it is an apparent shift from what was recommended by general john allen who wanted between 6,000 and 15,000 remaining soldiers. this is not the first time the president and the pentagon have failed to see eye to eye. in a new book released today former commander in afghanistan stanley mcchrystal writes that he saw the emergence of an unfortunate deficit of trust between the white house and the department of defense largely arising from the decision making process on afghanistan. to me it appeared unintentional on both sides, but over time the effects were costly. meanwhile, president obama and president karzai may ob the same page about
reports that -- defense secretary this week. the former senator toured with president obama. he faces a grilling. this past statements about israel, the cuban embargo and iraq bar have drawn fire. >> mr. hagel came out from the surge. said the war couldn't be won. no one has told us and we were fighting it in 2006. he delayed funding in 2007. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of state against the state of israel in our nation's history. >> hagel's service earned him two purple hearts. >>> president obama today signed into law legislation that set aside $9.7 billion to pay federal flood insurance claims to victims of super storm sandy. fema warned that without the additional funds it would run out of money to pay claims next week. lawmakers have yet to act on a proposed bill to set aside $51 billion worth of aid to address the effects of super storm sandy. john boehner has vowed to vote on that bill january 26. >>> there was a packed house for people that came together to raise money for super storm sandy victims. the money
is expected to take all week. >> president obama has signed a sober storm sandy aid package into law. the bill includes more than $9 billion to help the government pay flood insurance claims. it was the first legislative action of the new congress after the previous session at shelled a vote last week on a much larger assistance plan for storm victims. lawmakers a way, and on more than $50 billion in additional 78 later this month. that portion will likely face a much tougher review. sums they are students vote will take the bus to school may not have a ride this wednesday. union leaders in york city bus drivers may go on strike strike this week leaving more the 150,000 public school students stranded. divers are negotiating a new contract. school officials have been preparing for a possible walkout by buying up in the public bus passes for each student affected. >> i bay area middle schools are making the grade as a maid state superintendent of public instruction, tore up for lack sends list of california's middle grade school to watch in 2013. union middle school and san jose, san lorenzo va
confirmation battle. congress is out of session this week, but already, talk of the pick is generating stiff opposition. fresh off his hawaiian vacation, president obama is already facing heated debate over his expected pick of former nebraska senator chuck hagel for secretary of defense. >> a person who has a resume that includes service on the foreign relations committee as well as the intelligence committee. yes, he is a serious candidate. >> i think it's an incredibly controversial choice and it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be an in-your-face term. >> reporter: if nominated and confirmed, hagel would be the first enlisted soldier, the first purple heart-decorated vietnam veteran to serve as defense secretary. the independent-minded member clashed with his own party, opposing the iraq war. >> the most divisive issue in this country since vietnam. >> reporter: and lately fiercely criticizing president bush's iraq troop surge. hagel angered pro-israel groups with his opposition to unilateral sanction against iran and comments critical to what he called the jewish l
's gag order. the hearing is expected to last a week. >> new this morning, abc news has learned president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense today. the president is expected to make the nomination official this morning at 10:00 our time confirming the 66-year-old hagel to replace panetta. that could be a browsing fight. hagel is a decorated veteran, who also served in the senate from the late 1990's to 2008. the president is expected to name counterterrorism advisor john brennan to lead the c.i.a. >> it is 4:36. federal regulators are expected to announce a $10 billion foreclosure settlement with banks. "new york times" reports that 14 banks have agreed to the deal providing $6 billion to help homeowners endanger of losing homes and $3.75 billion provides cash relief to americans who dealt with foreclosure in 2009 and to 10. >> pucks will drop again this week now that the national hockey league and the players have reached a deal to end a lockout. the agreement means that the sharks fans could see the team return to the ice in the ne
in this "economist" piece this week mr. obama boasted he had fulfilled the mandate by raising taxes on the rich. in fact, he and republican leaders are building a brussels on the potomac. i think you're right and tea party conservatives had been sounding that alarm for years and then, you know, sort of fiscal conservatives like me had been warning up until the very last moments of the fiscal cliff debate it wasn't going to solve any of the big problems that we still have looming on the horiz horizon. why have the warnings gone ignored for so long? >> i think one of the reasons is there's a very important difference between us and europe which is that we are not only the brink of a financial crisis and about to be shut out of the world's financial markets. we have the world's reserve currency. we have a central bank. the greeks don't have that. the italians don't have that. we versely, i think that's more rope to hang ourselves with because the markets seem complacent about our ability to always pull a rabbit out of a hat at the last minute and takes away the pressure on the politicians to act.
on today. we appreciate it. dagen: we are two weeks away from president obama's inauguration. it looks like some of the thrill from four years ago is gone. connell: expecting to draw smaller crowds this year. adam shapiro has this story. >> i do not meet your contributions to the committee yet? no corporate donations. this time around, bring on the corporate donations. it is roughly 12 companies so far. just 12 have come up to the full. they are listed on a list of donors that the inauguration committee put out on friday. what is interesting about this list is it is only a list of names. in 2009, the list included names of people who donated. there were no corporations. there is no crap this time around. it also showed where you worked. this time around, no, not happening. this is a problem for our people and government watchdogs. they asked why this lack of transparency by the administration may be troubling. they said they are always disappointed when organizations moveetowards less disclosure. fox business has contacted inauguration committee to see if they will tell us how much at&t, mi
at 11:00, the bay area schools to ouch what. and the big week ahead for president obama and why replacing some of his cabinet members could be a huge undertaking. plus it was supposed to be a flash mob, instead turned into chaos. the mall brawl that has become a worldwide warning. and later a new flu epidemic. the earliest and >>> president obama will return to work at the white house in the morning. the president faces a long to do list as he gets ready to start his second term. that work includes replacing two key members of his cabinet. abc news reporter chuck sievertson has more. jay for president obama the vacation is over. mr. obama returns from hawaii to a climate that is chilly in more ways than one. he reportedly has chosen the republican senator chuck heigle to replace leon panetta as secretary of defense. hiegle would be a controversial pick. he advocates negotiating with iran and some question how strongly he supports israel. one pro israel group is already running an ad against heigle. >> for secretary of defense, chuck heigl se not a responsible option. >> even the
months, as the government reaches its debt ceiling and can't borrow any more money. president obama wants to lift that ceiling. the republicans don't. and it appears we're heading for another "thelma and louise" ride to the edge. remember -- they went over. we'll discuss that possibility next week with paul krugman, the nobel laureate in economics and "new york times" columnist whose bestselling book, "end this depression now!" calls for full employment as an alternative to austerity. read it, then send us the question you would like me to put to paul krugman. meanwhile, another reality beckons and there's a menace more threatening than the fiscal cliff ever was. what should really be scaring the daylights out of us -- the crisis which could make all the others irrelevant -- is global warming. get this one wrong and it's over -- not just for the usa, but for planet earth. that's the message delivered by hurricane sandy, and by almost all the extreme weather of the past two years. and here in the first month of the new year, it's the message from the most informed scientists in the world.
to be a big week for white house staff announcements. president obama will nominate john brennan as an ex-c.i.a. director. that could happen as soon as today. brennan previously spent 25 years at the spy agency. mike morrell is acting director. he replaced general petraeus who resigned over an extra marital affair. today we'll begin to hear all of the evidence against the colorado movie massacre. the judge will then decide if the case should go to trial. holmes is accused of killing 12 people, injuring dozens more in that shooting last july. secretary of state hillary clinton heading back to work today. a few hours from now clinton will return to the state department. she was released five days ago from a hospital for treatment of a potentially life threatening blood clot. many lawmakers still demanding secretary clinton testify about the benghazi libya terror attack before they vote on john kerry as her successor. >>> look at what's left of this car that had a six-month-old baby inside when it ran a stop sign and collided with a pickup truck. this is in the state of maine. cops say even
of the east coast. president obama signed a lbill into law, another bill is expected to be voted on next week to provide a comprehensive $51 billion aid package to cover damage from sandy and to prevent similar disasters in the future. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton goes back to work today. she was released from the hospital last summer for treatment of a blood clot. her doctors expect her to make a full recovery, she has a full week of meetings schedule, including three at the white house. >>> preliminary hearings begins in colorado today, when a judge will decide james holmes will stand trial for murder. holmes will be in court this week. nbc's leann craig joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. hundreds of people are expected to attend the hearing where large amounts of previously sealed information will be revealed, including gruesome details of what happened inside the theater. more than five months after the theater massacre, attorneys will lay out the case against james holmes. >> the purpose of the preliminary hearing is to determine whether or not there's probable cause
that the u.s. will hit the debt ceiling. >>> it's all, but official, president obama's widely expected to nominate republican chuck hagel has defense secretary sometime this week of the former senate from nebraska toured the mideast with the then candidate obama in 2008. he potentially faces a grilling from congress during confirmation hearings. his past statements will israel, the cuban embargo and openly gay imburse ambassador. >> he says the war couldn't be won and we were fighting it in 2006. >> chuck hagel if confirmed tock secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards the state of israel in our nation's history. >> hagel's infantry service in vietnam earned him two purple house. the white house is reportedly ready to defend his nomination. >> california lawmakers will get back to work with a democratic supermajor superit in both houses. >>> the governor said hey, everybody just calm down here and take a deep breath, especially in his own party. we're not just turning it off and rampage the place, okay? so i think what you are going to see i
. >>> after weeks of speculation fox news is confirming president obama will nominate secretary of defense. it is shaping up to be a tough confirmation battle. with wide criticism we are live in washington. a lot is expected to happen on this today. >> good morning heather. this is going to be a big fight it sounds like in picking the form ma nebraska senator republican chuck hagel the president will argue he is reaching out across the aisle. some of the staujest opposition may come from senate republicans. >> this is an in your face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what the management experience is regarding the pentagon if any. i think it's an incredibly controversial choice. >> he calls the jewish lobby call into question his support for israel. he stood shoulder to shoulder with the president on foreign policy. >> i know chuck hagel. i know him. he's a patriot. he is somebody who has done extraordinary work in the united states senate. somebody who served this country with valor in vietnam. he is serving on the intelligence advisory bo
this week. sources telling fox news, president obama will official nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as defense secretary tomorrow. if confirmed, hagel would replace defense secretary leon panetta and a suspects in a deadly colorado movie massacre returns it court and prosecutors expected to outline his case against james holmes and the judge will decide whether to send the case to trial. and on this day in 2001, a joint session of congress officially certified george w. bush the winner of the 2000 presidential election. it had been one of the hardest fought campaigns in recent memory. texas governor versus the vice-president and when the election results came in the vice-president won the popular vote because florida was too close to call, it went into equivalent of overtime, remember the pregnant, hanging and dip pelled chads and after challenges to the supreme court, 5-4 to halt the recall in florida and bush took florida getting the 25 needed electoral votes and he took the oath of office and lawmakers recognizing george w. bush 12 years ago. and is his parents' 68th weddin
boehner told me it wasn't until the second-to-last day after five weeks that the president even brought up the issue the sequester because president obama who created the sequester remember during the debt limit when they couldn't reach a resolution on the debt limit the president thought the republicans weren't going to say we can't live with the sequester. john boehner said i never brought it up. the president said we democrats can't live with the sequester. the reason that is important neil is the republicans have a strong card to play. democrats can't turn that off until they negotiate on the entitlements that you and i know is really driving the spending problem. >> neil: you negotiate out of fear. you are fearful to ever negotiate. bottom line. great reporting and great insight as always. >> thank you, neal. >> neil: they have to hike taxes even more. >> do you then agree with the republican leader in the senate mr. mcconnell who says we are done now with the taxing side of it and now have to concentrate on spending? is that done now? is the revenue side taken care of it now? >> it i
'll have another great show for you next week. lou: good evening, everyone. the imperious obama presidency flat out refusing to negotiate with republicans on the national debt ceiling. the republicans led by speaker boehner are determined to take up debt and spending once again. this time he says the american people are on his side. the speaker today in the republican caucus meeting behind closed doors. bigger banner making it clear that the president's refusal to negotiate will not deter him or his party and the speaker said that the president said that he isn't going to have a debate with us over the debt ceiling. he also says that he's not going to cut spending along with a debt limit hike. fiscal cliff behind us on the focus turns to spending. spear boehner cited a new poll showing 72% of americans agree with him. but any increase in the debt limit must be accompanieby an equal amount in spending cuts. senator john cornyn saying that if the president intends the president intends to carry through with his no negotiation threat, but a government shutdown may be the only way to find reso
weeks. president obama has already announced he's nominated senator john ker troy succeed her. while he should sail through the confirmation process relatively easily his president's pick for secretary of defense looks like he may have a tougher time today. the president will announce he's% nominating former nebraska senator chuck hagel to follow leon panetta as secretary of defense. here is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as stephanie mentioned on one of his many appearances on the talk shows from abc's this week with mcconnell talking about his priorities for whoever takes over as secretary of defense. >> whoever is nominated for secretary of defense is going to have a have a full understanding of our close relationsship with our israeli allies, the iranian threat and the importance of having a robust military. >> he's just a bundle of energy. hagel is a vietnam war veteran and a moderate republican. he's taking heat especially from fellow republicans over his support of israel, whether or not he's supportive enough and whether or not he's willing to take a hard enough stance a
reconvenes. but that's not till after president obama's inauguration january 21st. in her first week back, clinton's schedule lists several white house meetings midweek and talks with afghan president hamid karzai thursday and friday. aides say she's also meeting with staff behind the scenes. but when it compaes to her futu, says her friend and come democratic political analyst hillary rosen, clinton is not rushing any decisions. >> everybody for the next two years is going to talk to her about whether or not she's going to run for president. i think she's expecting that. i think she's grown, you know, quite a thick skin and kind of laughing it off and not feeling pressure to follow anybody else's timetable. >> reporter: but even if hillary clinton isn't planning to run in 2016, she can't afford to look weak or incapacitated right now. her aides indicate she's going to try to use every available minute in these last few weeks and make them count. wolf. >> let's hope for the best for her. we wish her only the best. glad to see her out and about. i thought she looks terrific today when she
.7 billion bill to help victims of superstorm sandy is logged. president obama signed the aid deal which will pay flood insurance claims. the white house says 100,000 claims would have been held up without extra money. house vote next week on a more comprehensive $51 billion sandy aid package. the vote expedited after republicans, democrats, assailed boehner for not getting it done, fiscal cliff deal. apparently now $60 billion on the way, badly needed money when you compare it to how fast, say, katrina victims got their aid. what's happening in the northeast with sandy. >> at least it happened. >> yes. better late than never. right? >> exactly. >>> a look at your weather. heavy rain in the pacific northwest mountain snow in the cascade and rockies. evening thunderstorms from houston to corpus christi. showers, thunderstorms in florida. thawing from denver to new york. >> 40s here in the northeast, 30s, fargo to detroit. 55, sacramento. 61 in phoenix. >>> oh as you all know, christian holiday season is officially over. ending with this weekend's feast of the three kings. >> right. i cele
obama was then senator obama at the time. we got sort of tipped off to some of the talking points that you will likely hear parroted over the next couple weeks from the white house when it comes to chuck hagel. they refer to him as a straight shooter. they say he understands the world stage. also really focus on the fact that he is a combat veteran. recognize the significance of that, thomas. if he is to be nominated as he will be just about an hour and a half from now and then confirmed, he would become the first grunt, as it were, the first enlisted soldier and vietnam veteran, purple heart war hero, decorated from his time in service, to go on to be the secretary of defense. the way the white house sort of views this right now is two-fold. one, they see him despite the criticisms as a man who wore the uniform who can stand up to those generals in the pentagon. of course, the president did not serve in the military. and then with all these bruising battles in terms of the fiscal issues, the economy going forward, who better to sort of represent the white house when they try to d
're asking why my pacheck is less this week,is because you got what you asked for. on it. why is my pacheck bless thi we? because obama loves to penalize the makers and ristribute to the takers. it gets worse. on and on andon. my prediction here is there is no attempt to curb federal spending, we will have to raise taxes again and again and again on me and everybody else. that's going to be the new normal cong up, we are not just dealing with the federal tax hike. most american side and the paychecks. what abut state nd local taxes. what to expect. more on today's not so hot jobs report. will this be the ammution republicans need in their debt ceiling fight? coming up next. ♪ duty as a new york, here again is gerri willis. >> i want to bring you the latest developments. the 15 year old pakistan the girl shot in the head by the taliban has been released from a british hospital. officials say she is strong and recovering well, so she will have to be readmitted next month for another round of surgery to rebuild her skull. as we told you, she was shot in the head by muslim extremists for
-game schedule slated to begin as early as next week. >>> let's turn to washington now and word from a top administration official that president obama plans to nominate chuck hagel as his defense secretary. it's getting a lukewarm reception even among hagel's fellow republicans due to his past statements on israel and also his statements on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. here's new gop senator ted cruz of texas. >> if hague sel nominated, it's very difficult to imagine a circumstance in which i could support his confirmation. >> but it's not just cruz, veteran republican senator lindsey graham says hagel's views on the midwest, especially towards israel, cause him a lot of concern. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an organization, terrorist group, that lobs thousands of rockets into israel, he also was one of 12 senators who refused to
back to work as president obama ended his hawaii vacation and members of the 113th congress were sworn in earlier this week alongside their families. spirits high, but the battle lines for the tough fights ahead are already being drawn. chief among them whether congress will vote to raise the country's debt ceiling. shortly after lawmakers reached a down to the wire deal on taxes to pull the country back from the fiscal cliff earlier this week, the president tried to preempt the debt limit showdown by firing a warning shot at republicans. he reiterated that call yesterday. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether congress should pay the tab for a bill already racked up. the congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the results for the global economy could be catastrophic. >> congress has vowed to use the upcoming votes to get more spending cuts to entitlement programs like medicare. some are threatening a government shutdown. in a moment, we'll talk to alan simpson and erskine bowles about where they see the fiscal cliff deal leaving the
the past week it seems clear obama doesn't really want to work well with the other side. he doesn't want big bipartisan victory to let everyone crowell and move forward to make progress. he wants his opponents in disarray, fighting without and within. he wants them incapable, he wants them to be confused. >> i agree the fascinating thing about what happened in this latest compromise is how the president delegated joe biden to actually cut the deal. president obama is a terrible negotiator and it is his way or the highway. he doesn't want to get anything. to jim's point about extremists, the biggest problem this country faces is spending. not taxes -- people play plenty in taxes, but the spending the president has been completely irresponsible and the next spending problem he walked away from the bowles-simpson position and has put forward any ideas on entitlement. we have a huge spending problem and we have to deal with it and the president has been awol. islamic we've been dealing with these last minute issues when the president and speaker boehner got close to an agreement that field a
should take about two weeks. the new explore tome yum is scheduled -- exploratorium is scheduled to open in april. >>> president obama is set to announce his pick for next defense secretary this morning. why former republican senator chuck hagel may face tough opposition. >>> we have an update on a teenaged girl shot out side of a -- outside of a high school in the peninsula. where that investigation stands right now. >>> a lot of fog out there. 30s and 40s. once that lifts and higher clouds today, 50s mainly on the temperatures. >>> 8:13. tomorrow is the second anniversary of the tucson, arizona shooting rampage where six people were killed, many others, including former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, were wounded in. ♪ >> yesterday, there was this interfaith prayer service held in tucson. many survivors like ron barber were there at that service. the january 8th memorial service wants everybody to pause for a moment of silence and ring a bell at 10:10 tomorrow morning in remembrance of that tragedy. >>> well, a berkeley lawmaker wants tougher regulations on the sales of ammunitio
correspondents tell you what you need to know. >> president obama plans to announce chuck hagel as his pick to replace leon panetta on monday. we're on the lookout for more cabinet nominations that could come as early as this week. for secretary of state, secretary of the treasury and cia director. >>> investors are getting ready for the first full week of trading of 2013. analysts expect the s&p 500 to climb about 5% this year. earnings season also kicks off this coming week, as always, aluminum giant alcoa is first reporting fourth quarter results on tuesday. keep an eye on the consumer electronics show this week. the annual event held in las vegas is where major products like the vcr, blu-ray and other electronics are unveiled. >>> people's choice awards being handed out on wednesday. academy award nominations will be announced on thursday, and we'll have your coast to coast coverage. >>> it's back to work for the first time in a month for outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. meanwhile, president clinton is looking to fill another cabinet post with a former senator and republican
. >>> welcome back. as the president prepares to announce more members of the second term cabinet this week, our first read team notes a significant departure of the president's first term picks saying, quote, the big signal president obama is sending by kerry, hagel and brennan is selecting people with whom he's comfortable and loyal to him. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. from a team of rivals to a team of loyalists. >> that's right, tamron. you look at the first term and it was a team of rivals. you had secretary of state hillary clinton, former primary rival. you had robert gates at the defense department. he was a holdover from the bush administration and leon panetta and general petraeus, hardly obama insiders but now all of a sudden you have people who seem to be much more on the obama team bandwagon, much more loyal to him. john kerry at the state department, he backed president obama early in the 2008 nomination fight. you now have chuck hagel, someone that obama worked closely with in the u.s. senate and he's been an adviser to him now in the white house a
says, quote at one point several weeks ago the president said to me, we don't have a spending problem. boehner says he was stunned and repeatedly push the issue with the president. he says mr. obama grew irritated and said i am tired hearing you say that. there is no give to the president's advantage and he won't hold any more closed door meetings with the president because he called it futile. the president vowed there will be no debate whether to raise the nation's already exceeded debt ceiling. a key thing that republicans will give them much better positioning as the u.s. hovered dangerously close to the fiscal cliff. the two sides don't agree whether tax revenue is settled. republicans say having given the president hundreds of billions of new tax dollars unmatched by corresponding spending cuts, they are in no mood to give them more money. >> it's over. completed. that is behind us. now, the question, what are we going to do about the biggest problem confronting our country and our future. that is our spending addiction. it's time to confront it. >> not so fast according to hous
is winning and that's why he went public for the first time in weeks, if not months. back to the issue of president obama, you believe he wants to be disengaged from the events of the middle east? explain that. >> well, i think -- i think he looked at the war in iraq and the war in afghanistan and said never again wars in the middle east. as a result of that his policy has been very timid. and we've walked away from many of our friends in the middle east as a reuflt it. i've never seen the level of frustration with america with our friends in the middle east that is present there now. bill: really. >> the strategic surprise that obama has had, much like bush had 9/11 and clinton had malosovich, his strategic surprising is the arab spring and the revolutionary change that is sweeping across the middle east. we have decided to sort of sit on the fence and watch it. the cad rals, why they are not the reason for the change, they are not the catalyst for it they are all in and trying to take advantage of it. and power shifts are taking place as a result of it. as the united states does not
be kind of the excuse to have that fight. if that's the case, then that can stretch out weeks. >> all right. matt welch, great to see you. perry bacon, as always, thank you. >>> victims of hurricane sandy will finally get some financial relief from congress. president obama signing a bill to pay for $9.7 billion in flood insurance claims. those are for new york, new jersey and connecticut. another bill that would provide comprehensive $51 billion in aid is expected to be put to a vote sometime next week. [ male anno] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you o
president obama to tax people who make 50,000 a year, that's called regressive taxes. >> mike: 2% that have is a thousand dollars, uriyou can figure it uchl. and if you got a paycheck this week if you get a weekly program and next week, see if it's different. employees here at fox, they say whoa, it's lower than it was. >> and now beginning to take out social security tax, unaffected. so you get to understand how many taxes are taken out of your paycheck, even an average person, there's one of the demagogue, one of the biggest demagogues in this debate i believe has been big business. they came out and said everybody needs to pay more taxes. guess where the taxes hit the small businesses. >> yes. >> if you think that a small business making 400, 450 a year, they're employing people and to make the profit more begins they'll have to pay them off. they'll do it in the teeth of the economy looking they're doing better or staying on the same crumby plane, not getting worse. i think this is a really bad deal and the economy is going to suffer from this and i really think that the press needs to
reactions let's talk with bret baier, he the anchor of special report seen each we ca each week night on this network. i pulled a couple of quotes. this first one comes from politico today. it appeals the nomination of chuch nagel to obama's bipartisan spirit. when owe pwhapl ace seeking to end the war in afghanistan and dramatically reduce the pentagon's budget. this one yesterday from scott wilson in "the washington post." hagel's successful nomination would had a well-known republican to the president's second term cabinet at a time when he is looking to better bridge the partisan divide, particularly after a bitter election campaign. we just heard senator lindsey graham saying this is kind of an in your face nomination, nothing bipartisan about it. so which is it? >> there are a lot of republicans who feel like senator lindsey graham, that former senator from nebraska chuck hagel stepped away from the republican party, namely in his firm opposition of the surge in iraq, when the party's nominee at the time, john mccain was running a presidential campaign counting the surge under g
're rd to do the work but we don't have the financial resources of our own. after last week's vote his spoke person said he was opposed to the bill for aid to the north because it did not include spending cuts. >>> finally, if you thought the international enthusiasm for president obama had waned since 2008, check out the irish. the corgan brothers became a youtube sensation in 2008 with there's no one as irish as barack obama. ♪ now four years since he said yes we can ♪ ♪ president barack is still the man ♪ ♪ there's been the crisis and lots of drama ♪ ♪ there's still no one as irish as barack obama ♪ ♪ came to ireland to monagle, and he was welcomed by all ♪ ♪ and with cousin henry had a guinness or two ♪ ♪ in january of 2013 the white house will still be just as green ♪ ♪ just like the election in 2008 and poor old mitt romney, well, he'll just have to wait. ♪ haute o'leary, o'reilly, o'hara, there's still no one as irish as barack obama ♪ >> up next, the obama administration is moving forward with comprehensive gun control. critics on the right say
. >> on "washington journal" tomorrow morning with a focus on president obama's announcement of his nominees to head the defense department and the cia. a >> this week on q&a, former harvard university press editor-in-chief aida donald discusses her latest biography called "citizen soldier" a life of harry s. truman. c-span: aida donald why did you write a book about harry truman? >> guest: well, i wanted to do an autobiography having written about teddy roosevelt, a book published five or six years ago and had great fun writing about teddy and looked around for another president that i might enjoy working on for a few years. and i came upon truman who by the way i remember because i'm old enough to remember him. truman had two big puzzles in his life, and i said you really have to write about someone that has puzzles because it gives you something to work on, to work through. and maybe autobiographer's, maybe other readers don't know about the puzzles but that is how i chose truman. and i worked very hard on those puzzles which turned out to be very important to his career and it kept me working an
" movie. >> president obama tweeted it. >> and you haven't mentioned "django." >> it's definitely a yes, and you'll probably see that also get a lot of nominations this week. there's just nothing -- there's no one particular win. there's no actor who's necessarily going to win for "django." you might see nominations. we'll see. >> samuel l. jackson, most creative use of language. >> i have to do a big plug for the palm springs international film festival. it's happening right now. this past saturday, two nights ago was their big gala. and rivera and all the stores were there. sally field was there. >> sally field gave a great speech, i heard, funny and poignant. it's much better than that you really like me thing. >> let that go. >> wonderful. she's such an icon. >> people like you with those unforgiving memories. bradley, it's nice to have you with us. we appreciate it. we'll talk to you thursday when the 0s car nominations come out. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you h
it they should be back on the ice to begin a shortened season as early as next week. you know what people always say in hockey, the only thing that matters is the playoffs. if they have the playoffs, that's all that matters. >> people think more than the playoffs. >>> president obama signed into law a $9.7 billion superstorm sandy aid package. most of that will be used to pay flood insurance claims. they'll vote on a $51 billion package on january 15th. house speaker john boehner received harsh criticism last week from new jersey governor chris christie and new york congressman, peter king, both of them republicans, when he refused to bring a $60 billion sandy bill up for a house vote. >>> syrian president bashar al assad defiant and refusing to step down. he made his first public speech dismissing any chances that he would stop the forces. he called on the west to stop funding them. >>> we're about to learn a lot more about accused aurora gunman james holmes and the evidence against him. we go live to colorado for a preview of today's hearing. that's coming up. but their shakes aren't always ma
with the white house tomorrow with the defense secretary and national security adviser. later in the week she welcomes the afghan president for working dinner. the secretary also says she plans to testify about the results of the probe into the been got the -- benghazi attack. president obama set to make announcements today on two cabinet positions. check hagle -- chuck agel as secretary of defense and john brunneenner. -- chuck hagel. >> i think cyber security remains the top priority because of the national-security implications. we saw congress failed to reach an agreement on legislation in 2012, as perhaps many would have predicted. they remain very far apart in the post in the cyber security standards. >> i think another big issue will be to create more spectrum so the sec has its sleeves rolled up and is in the midst of working on that. some of the hot-button issues on that are and license spectrum, that powers wifi and other amazing things the tech sector is coming up with all the time. >> that neutrality could be a big thing in the next year. -- net neutrality could be a big thing in
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